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Kitchen Safety Matches Manufacturer

Both carbonised and non-carbonized kitchen safety matches are available at Maxo India , the leading exporter of kitchen safety matches in India.

They are resistant to moisture and exceptionally strong. A superior single strike ignition is achieved by blending the box's side edge with a friction dotted surface.

It's completely safe to use around the house and has a long burning stick. The matches are safe for use in the kitchen after passing quality inspections on a number of different criteria.

Specification of Kitchen Safety Matches

Specification of kitchen safety matches

Some of the key features of Kitchen Match Boxes provided by us are

Perfect for the kitchen!, Rubber and wooden splints, Carbonized packaging maintains the highest standards, Reasonable pricing

Box sizes we offer are 52x36x14mm, 110x62x28mm, and 80x55x32.5mm respectively subject to customization.

Box Material we offer is Cardboard 320Gsm outer box 300gsm Inner box.

Despite You can choose from the following options for the matchstick’s tip color.
Black, Brown, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Color we offer

Matchhead Color

Splints we offer

Indian Malabarica (Kerala Stick)

Indian Malabarica.

Kerala is a major source of splints for matchbox manufacturers in India. Splints are typically made from Ailanthus Malabarica.
Carbonized matchstick

carbonized matchsticks

exceptionally long and exceptionally strong, carbonised matchsticks are a safer alternative to traditional matches. Antimony Sulphide is used to make them extremely combustible; the process leaves it to burn without sparkle.
Honey Comb With Margin

Honey Comb With Margin

Imported poplar splint

The best choice for match splint is German poplar, which is a soft wood with less density and strength.
Non-Carbonized matchstick

Non-carbonized matchsticks

The product's safety and durability are designed such that it may be lighted with a single stroke. We make Non-carbonized splints that are 40 millimeters or 42 millimeters long based on what our customers want.
Diamond shape with four side margin

Diamond shape with four side margin

Fully Tinted With Border

Fully Tinted With Border

packaging of Kitchen Safety Matches

Matchbox Packing

10’s Packing
1. Bopp Packing
2. Printed paper packing

100’s Packing
1. Shrink Packing
2. Transparent Polybag packing

1000’s Packing
1. 3 Ply Color Printed Carton
2. Brown Kraft Carton


What are kitchen matches used for?

Kitchen match boxes are rectangular and made up of cardboard containers. They are usually 2 to 3 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide. They are the best helper for lighting stoves, lamps, gas stoves, and other household/kitchen items that need to be lit.

What is kitchen size matchbox?

Box Material:- Cardboard 320Gsm outer box 300gsm Inner box
Box Size:- 52X36X14

Why is kitchen Safety Matches a good choice?

Kitchen safety matches are safe to use because these are specifically designed for kitchen use only using Potassium chlorate and red phosphorus.
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