Cardboard Safety Matches

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Cardboard Safety Matches Manufacturer

The duplex board and lightweight wood used in the manufacturing process of cardboard safety matches are of the highest quality.

The box is visually attractive and has a smooth finish. Safe and gentle lighting of the matchsticks is ensured by the frictional edge on the side.

Imported poplar splints and Indian Pure Matti are Maxo Matches' customized possibilities. Cardboard matchboxes we export are used in hotels, restaurants and home kitchens.

Maxo cardboard safety matches are known for their durability, fast lighting, and Sparkle brilliantly.

Specification of Cardboard Safety Matches

Some of the key features of Cardboard Match Boxes provided by us are

Invulnerable to moisture, Simple sparking, Superior striking quality, Safe stick length, Damp proof quality, light with a single strike.

Box sizes we offers basically are 108×65X20 mm, 85×55×28 mm 51×36×15 mm, 51×35×14 mm ,51×35×12 mm, 49×35×13 mm, 47x35x12mm respectively subject to customization.

Despite You can choose from the following options for the matchstick’s tip color. Black, Brown, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Splints Color we offer

Matchhead Color

Splints we offer

Indian Malabarica (Kerala Stick)

Indian Malabarica.

Kerala is a major source of splints for matchbox manufacturers in India. Splints are typically made from Ailanthus Malabarica.
Carbonized matchstick

carbonized matchsticks

exceptionally long and exceptionally strong, carbonised matchsticks are a safer alternative to traditional matches. Antimony Sulphide is used to make them extremely combustible; the process leaves it to burn without sparkle.
Honey Comb With Margin

Honey Comb With Margin

Imported poplar splint

The best choice for match splint is German poplar, which is a soft wood with less density and strength.
Non-Carbonized matchstick

Non-carbonized matchsticks

The product's safety and durability are designed such that it may be lighted with a single stroke. We make Non-carbonized splints that are 40 millimeters or 42 millimeters long based on what our customers want.
Diamond shape with four side margin

Diamond shape with four side margin

Fully Tinted With Border

Fully Tinted With Border

packaging of Cardboard Safety Matches

Matchbox Packing

10’s Packing
1. Bopp Packing
2. Printed paper packing

100’s Packing
1. Shrink Packing
2. Transparent Polybag packing<

1000’s Packing
1. 3 Ply Color Printed Carton
2. Brown Kraft Carton


Which is the best cardboard match box manufacturers in india?

Maxo India is the leading carboard safety matches manufacturers which uses advanced grade duplex board and soft wood as raw material for production of cardboard safety matches so, that the box has a polished appearance and perfect finish.

Where did Cardboard Safety Matches are used?

Maxo Cardboard match boxes are used in hotels, restaurants and home kitchens.

What are the types of splints used in Cardboard Safety Matches?

Imported Poplar Splints or Malabarica splints are used for producing Maxo carboard matchboxes.
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